Magic 1000

Every Normstahl door operator model package contains everything that you need for maximum comfort and maximum quality of life – safety functions, emergency releases, compatibility with Homelink or bus systems, remote transmitter, wall bracket, etc.


  • Including 4­-command mini and 2-command micro remote transmitters, 433 Rolling Code
  • Max. operating speed: 210 mm/s (idling)
  • Menu guidance via display
  • Compact rotatable head of the operator
  • Maintenance-free toothed belt
  • Durable design with C-­rail
  • Low power consumption
  • Bus system-capable (with additional PCB)
  • Automatic obstruction detection
  • Soft-start and gentle, adjustable soft­-stop ­function
  • Partial opening system
  • Warranty: 5 years for mechanics, 2 years for electronics
    (*You can find more details in our Warranty Declaration)


Normstahl Magic 1000


Remote transmitter Remote transmitter

Our Normstahl remote transmitters are available as a 4-command or 2-command version:

  • Remote transmitter, 433 MHz Rolling Code, 4-command mini remote transmitter, self-learning, to control the door and 3 additional control options
  • Remote transmitter, 433 MHz Rolling Code, 2-command micro remote transmitter, self-learning


Magic-Door-Control Magic-Door-Control

Is my door open or closed at the moment – or is it perhaps only half closed? With the Magic Door Control option, you can easily see what position the door is currently in and even close it if necessary. The Door Control is available as a 1-channel (for a single door) or 2-channel (for 2 doors) design.
The door status display works in the same way as a wireless remote transmitter and can be installed without the need to set up a complicated system in the background.

Car transmitter Car transmitter

3-command car transmitter for cigarette lighter 433 MHz Rolling code

Key switch Key switch


  • Flush-mounted key switch with half cylinder with cable and Western plug
  • Surface-mounted key switch with half cylinder with cable and Western plug
  • Flush-mounted key switch with half cylinder
  • Surface-mounted key switch with half cylinder

Code switch Code switch

The 3-command code button lets you open your door without a key using your personal ID code. Available in a stainless steel or PVC design. Both models with lighting. Also available as a wireless version on request.


Light barriers Light barriers

Light barriers are sure to prevent the door from closing automatically if the beam of light is broken by a person or object.


Safety edge Safety edge

The safety contact edge, with integrated optosensor, immediately triggers a door reversal, if the sensor detects even the smallest obstruction.