Garage door operators

There are two aspects to convenience: comfort and reliability.


Welcome home!
Your electric garage door opener is expecting you.

The rain is beating against your car windscreen. It’s been a long day. Now you just want to get home and stay dry. Wouldn't it be nice if your garage were to welcome you with an open door? Because an electronic garage door opener is reliably performing its service? You just click on the remote transmitter, activate the garage door operator and relax as you roll under cover. Honestly, who would want to open a garage door by hand? A modern door opener is an ideal assistant in everyday life, that you would not want to do without, and is especially practical for women. 

It's so simple

Many homeowners pay strict attention to efficiency, install the latest building technology and appreciate modern conveniences. So why do without it in the garage? A Normstahl door opener provides the comfort that is simply part of contemporary mobility. The small remote transmitter is easy to store and extremely easy to operate. A single push of the button and the powerful and yet virtually silent garage door operator springs into action. Even in the most beautiful sunshine, there is no reason for you to inconveniently get out and then back into your vehicle just for the last few metres of your trip home due to the garage door. You can even open the door while you are still some way away and also switch on the driveway lighting if necessary.



Door opener with added safety and security

A Normstahl garage door operator is not just convenient, you can also completely rely on your door opener for security. A self-locking gear prevents unauthorised opening from the outside using an automatic locking mechanism. The code for your remote transmitter also switches automatically after operation. With over 1 million possibilities, the smart radio remote control is impossible to crack. And should your children be playing in the garage, you don't need to worry. Your electronic garage door opener with its intelligent electronics immediately initiates a door reverse if it detects even the smallest obstacle. You'll be happy to know that this much perfection also looks really good.



Magic 600


Powerful, fast and almost silent. Let the Normstahl Magic 600 garage door operator open your garage door while you sit and relax after a long day at work.

Magic 1000


Strong - Even the heaviest doors move effortlessly up and down when the Normstahl Magic 1000 garage door operator flexes its "muscles". 1000 N traction gives it the strength of a bear.

Akku Plus

Pre-fabricated garages often lack a power supply to enable you to install a door operator. But now there’s an answer: with the Normstahl Akku Plus you no longer need to relinquish comfort.

The sophisticated safety functions of our Normstahl garage door operators protect your person and your valuable property.


Unauthorised opening from the outside is virtually impossible thanks to the automatic locking of the door by the self-locking gear.

And what happens if the power fails? Don’t worry. You can easily open the door, from the inside and outside, using the emergency unlocking system.


The 433 MHz Rolling Code remote control also offers you optimum security. The code changes every time you use it - over 1 billion combinations will safely resist all code-scanning attempts.

If children are playing in the garage you don’t need to worry - the intelligent electronics will automatically reverse the door’s movement if it encounters the slightest obstacle.

Einfache Montage der Garagentorantriebe von Normstahl - Entrematic Germany

Elektrischer Garagentoröffner von Normstahl funktioniert auch bei Stromausfall - Entrematic Germany


Sicherheitsmaßnahmen unserer Garagentorantriebe - Entrematic Germany

Convincing right down the line

Speed: At 210 mm/second (no load) when opening, the Normstahl Magic garage door operator is amongst the fastest on the market. Your door is opened in no time at all.

Safety and security: Your garage door operator protects both your health as well as your possessions. Your fingers cannot get trapped and thieves cannot get inside thanks to the integrated anti-leverage protection.

Strength: An incredible drive power of up to 1000 N –meaning even heavy doors open and close effortlessly.

Economy: Despite its high power, the Normstahl Magic is extremely economical: with an idle current of only 2 watts in stand-by mode, compared to its predecessor, the power consumption has halved.

Quiet: Hush! You have to concentrate a little to be able to hear your Normstahl garage door operator working...


Useful accessories

We don't just provide the perfect garage door operators, but also the ideal accessories for everyone's needs.

Key switches for surface or recessed installation are often the solution if you have ever forgotten or misplaced the door opener. A remote keypad also activates your electric garage door operator without a remote control. You enter your personal code and can either drive or walk into your garage.

Light barriers reliably prevent the door from closing automatically if the beam of light is broken by a person or object. The optionally available safety contact edges with integrated optosensor immediately trigger a door reversal if the sensor detects even the smallest obstruction.

The car transmitter for the cigarette lighter is also handy. It can also replace your garage door opener. And to keep everything tidy in your car, you can also make use of the remote transmitter holder.

And then there is the Magic Door Control, which answers at a glance the eternal question as to whether your garage door is currently open, closed, or perhaps only partly closed. You can easily see the position the door is currently in, and if needed you can even close it as the door status display  works in the same way as a wireless remote transmitter. Installation is also incredibly simple!

Normstahl - It doesn't just sound like quality.

Energy-efficient building or renovation: Doors from Normstahl are all made of panels with a thickness of 42 mm. This is how we guarantee efficient insulation. That's easy on the environment as well as on your purse!

We know what we're selling you. That's why we offer a 10-year factory warranty on absolutely all door components, including wearing parts like rollers, springs, hinges and the door surface. You can rely on this!

*Details can be found in our warranty declaration.

Quality standard
Quality standard
We don't tolerate non-compliance. Normstahl garage doors already offer premium quality in serial production. With our name we vouch for this – and will continue to do so in future.
For 70 years Normstahl has stood for quality, sustainability, individuality, security, safety and reliability in relation to garage doors and operators. If you decide for a door from Normstahl, you're making the right choice!
Countless options for variation guarantee you'll find the very door for you! Choose your door according to your technical requirements and style preferences.
What's in your garage is often more valuable than you think. This is why we offer optional protection from burglary with the Normstahl Superior 42 and Normstahl Superior+ 42: SKG-certified burglar resistance complying with the Dutch standard NEN 5096.