Docking technology

Make loading and unloading fast and easy.






Loading bridges prevent long waiting times at ramps. The gap between the building and the loading area on the vehicle is safely bridged by this loading system.


Normstahl LS60A leveller

Verladebrücke LS60A - Entrematic Germany

The user-friendly loading and unloading solution

The simple operation and reliable function of the leveller with swing lip makes this the standard solution for general industrial applications. The gap between the building and the loading area on the vehicle is safely bridged by the swing lip.
Your loading and unloading operations become safe and efficient. Turn a problem area into a high performance zone. Excellent conditions for staff and goods ensure that injuries and damage are minimised. Thanks to the short distances in and out of storage buildings, you achieve valuable time savings.
The prominent feature of the Normstahl LS60A swivelling leveller is the swing lip with open hinges. This low-maintenance solution, which does not require cleaning, guarantees smooth operations.

Normstahl LT60A leveller with telescopic lip


Suitable for every loading and unloading situation

The leveller with telescopic lip is the universal, flexible solution for general industrial and logistics applications. Its convenient operations ensure an optimum connection between the vehicle and the building.
The telescopic lip technology ensures that the lorry can dock easily and with accuracy; the loading area can also be fully utilised. The loading of a lorry which is not positioned 100% correctly in the loading bay can be compensated by a larger contact area of the telescopic lip. This loading technology can be adapted to every loading situation.
A particular feature are the plastic telescopic lip gliding elements. The telescopic lip is guided accurately, reliably, and is extremely low maintenance.

Verladesysteme von Normstahl - Entrematic Germany

Normstahl LM60A mini-leveller


Verladetechnik - Normstahl - Entrematic Germany

The economic loading solution for fleets in standard size

The mini-leveller was developed for operators with standardised vehicle fleets that all have the same loading area height. This cost-effective alternative satisfies the requirements of most loading processes.
A gas spring with chain hoist ensures easy handling, reducing the workload of staff. The mini-leveller can be operated by just one person. With this loading bridge it is very easy to raise the platform and to position the telescopic lip on the loading area.

Normstahl LD60A & LDM60A swivelling levellers


Easy and practical loading and unloading

This leveller is the ideal solution if a conventional loading bay inside the building as well as an external ramp are planned for a warehouse. Its easy installation directly at the edge of the ramp also allows the solution to be used for existing buildings with external ramps.
The Normstahl LD60A swivelling leveller system is fixed, the Normstahl LDM60A movable. Both variants enable the loading and unloading to the rear and side of the lorry.

Verladebrücken - LD60A & LDM60A - Entrematic Germany

Normstahl SM1A door seal

Torabdichtung von Normstahl SM1A - Entrematic Germany

Weather protection when loading and unloading

The mechanical door seal protects against the wind and weather when loading and unloading trucks. This improves the working conditions and also protects the goods. It is the cost-effective standard solution for general industrial and logistics applications.
As part of the loading system, the door seal is suitable for the majority of common lorry sizes. The frames at the front and rear are made of galvanised steel profiles which are connected with strong bracing arms. The flexible front curtains made from highly resistant PVC ensure that the complete door seal can withstand the high loads of daily loading and unloading operations.

Normstahl SI1A inflatable door seal


For energy-conscious planners and operators

The inflatable door seal is the recommended seal for energy-conscious planners and operators. Its thick insulation makes this the ideal solution for temperature-controlled buildings.
The inflatable door seal follows the vertical movements of the lorry during loading and unloading. The side and top bags are mounted in a wall-roof-wall construction made from insulation panels. The sealing effect is excellent – even for lorries of different shapes. The protection of goods and staff in the loading area shows noticeable improvement.

Torabdichtung SI1A - Entrematic Germany