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 The customised special solution

The principle is the same as for window roller shutters: A slatted wall protecting the access to your garage is raised and lowered in no time. It is so solid that it not only prevents outsiders from looking in, but also reliably keeps thieves out. At the same time, our roller doors provide exceptional thermal insulation. They are the door of choice wherever an unusual entrance situation demands an individual solution. A Normstahl garage roller door by Entrematic is no off-the-shelf system, we design it precisely to match your space conditions. We are naturally happy to provide advice about our special application possibilities.

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Normstahl garage doors. The doors with the +




+ Convenience

+ Variety

+ Security

+ Service



Roller Doors

Obstruction detector with emergency stop

You just never know: children playing in the door area, an unintentional commissioning... If worst comes to worst, the emergency stop stops the door as soon as it comes into contact with an obstruction.

Powerful opening and closing

Powerful electric motors raise and lower our roller doors. They are either controlled by a key switch or a remote transmitter (from the car).

Proven brand quality

Aluminium roller doors do not rust, will not require any further coats in the future, operate maintenance-free and last a lifetime when used correctly.
Roller Doors


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Established technology with new benefits

We have continued to refine the classic garage roller door and turned it into a space-saving, efficient solution for buildings and garages. A durable and flexible design protects roller doors against the wind and weather, unwelcome night-time visitors as well as needless concern about handling your garage door. Because Normstahl roller doors have important safety functions, such as an emergency stop if obstacles are detected, and are easy to operate. They don't just look good – the aluminium construction ensures a permanently neat appearance that requires virtually no maintenance.

Let it roll!

If the entrance to your garage has special requirements, a garage roller door may be the solution. We provide a wide range of versions, one of which is sure to perfectly suit the available space. We have the right product for even the most difficult conditions, you can rely on it! And you will also notice how whisper-quietly our roller doors perform their duty. The slats glide over your garage entrance like clockwork – only, these days, you naturally issue a command by remote transmitter or key switch.


Normstahl garage doors – the doors with the +

A roller door provides numerous benefits...


+ Unusual entries to the garage require tailored solutions – something we offer with Normstahl roller doors. For example, when the ceiling of the garage has to remain free. This may be the case when the garage functions as a work area, for example, and has to be well lit – it may then be handy to install lighting on the ceiling without having to take the garage door into account. A roller door is also the perfect solution if there is additional storage space below the ceiling.

+ Roller doors are also used when a garage is being updated or renovated and the lintel height does not permit the use of another Normstahl door. The installation of a roller door box is possible from a lintel height of 245 mm.

+ An unusual shape to the garage opening may also be one of the reasons to choose a roller door, as a roller door will always fit, no matter whether there are bends or slopes.

+ There is no threshold – it is easy to walk and drive into the garage.

+ They have a long life and can be designed flexibly.

+ Optimal use of space inside and in front of the garage.

+ They provide burglary resistance due to anti-lifting technology as standard.

+ Safety in use is guaranteed, even in the event of a power cut due to the standard emergency crank handle.

+ A clean system – a closed cover box protects the door slats.

+ A high level of convenience and perfect safety due to the connector-ready push button control including safety contact edge.


What lintel heights must be available?
The required box heights can be calculated from the size of the door. This means you know what lintel height actually has to be taken into consideration:

For Normstahl AHS 55 roller doors

  • Roller doors up to a height of 2,745: 254 mm lintel
  • Roller doors up to a height of 3,695: 304 mm lintel

For Normstahl AHS 75 roller doors

  • Roller doors up to a height of 2,750: 322 mm lintel
  • Roller doors up to a height of 3,750: 350 mm lintel
  • Roller doors up to a height of 4,500: 400 mm lintel


Normstahl - It doesn't just sound like quality.

Energy-efficient building or renovation: Doors from Normstahl are all made of panels with a thickness of 42 mm. This is how we guarantee efficient insulation. That's easy on the environment as well as on your purse!

We know what we're selling you. That's why we offer a 10-year factory warranty on absolutely all door components, including wearing parts like rollers, springs, hinges and the door surface. You can rely on this!

*Details can be found in our warranty declaration.

Quality standard
Quality standard
We don't tolerate non-compliance. Normstahl garage doors already offer premium quality in serial production. With our name we vouch for this – and will continue to do so in future.
For 70 years Normstahl has stood for quality, sustainability, individuality, security, safety and reliability in relation to garage doors and operators. If you decide for a door from Normstahl, you're making the right choice!
Countless options for variation guarantee you'll find the very door for you! Choose your door according to your technical requirements and style preferences.
What's in your garage is often more valuable than you think. This is why we offer optional protection from burglary with the Normstahl Superior 42 and Normstahl Superior+ 42: SKG-certified burglar resistance complying with the Dutch standard NEN 5096.

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