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 A timeless classic

Are you ready for a grand entrance? Then activate your One-Piece-Door, which elegantly folds upwards as if it were obeying an "Open Sesame" command. This typical swinging motion makes this type of tilting door an effective element, which brings dynamics and a visual effect into your surroundings. Its proven mechanics have long turned the One-Piece-Door into a classic, which we have made even more attractive with new and exciting features.


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Normstahl garage doors. The doors with the +



+ Convenience

+ Variety

+ Security

+ Service

One-Piece Doors

Ceiling rail runner

The door always operates smoothly and silently thanks to the guiding of the door in the ceiling rail runner.

Two-point locking

The secure two-point locking latches independently and protects against unauthorised access.

Protected tension springs

The specially selected tension springs balance the weight of the door. Finger protection sleeves around the spring assemblies prevent the inadvertent reaching into the springs; particularly sensible if there are children around. The safety sleeves stop the spring parts from springing out.

Ball bearing-mounted pulleys.

By using ball bearing-mounted runners, little friction is produced which prevents squeaking. They are also completely maintenance-free and guarantee long-term operation.

Finished surface

The finished surface, coated with organic polyester, contributes to the conservation of the door's value and doesn't give rust a look-in.

Renovation frame

As an additional option, doors up to a width of 3,000 mm can be fitted with a three-sided renovation frame to install the door between the pier. The colour of the frame is identical to the door leaf.
One-Piece Doors

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It works like a charm

A Normstahl One-Piece-Door is very simple to operate and is extremely secure and durable. All steel parts on our One-Piece-Doors are galvanised and the door coating is mounted to the leaf frame with rivets in the door colour. The finished surface, coated with organic polyester, contributes to the conservation of the door's value and doesn't give rust a chance. The steel plate skin is available in different colours so that this traditional tilt door can be perfectly matched to your garage or house architecture. The timeless elegance of our One-Piece-Doors is perfect for giving your property a visual highlight!

A genuine brand product

As a genuine brand product, a Normstahl One-Piece-Door sets its own standards in quality, functional perfection and sophisticated detail solutions, such as the silent door operation or the discreetly integrated pass-doors. Our One-Piece-Doors harmonise with almost all domestic environments. They provide a whole range of benefits for new builds and renovations – and outstanding value for money in every case. Other important aspects are the good thermal insulation and the secure two-point locking system, which a makes a tilt door from our range the perfect entrance to your garage. Incidentally, the "Open Sesame" function mentioned above is provided by a modern Normstahl door operator, which operates the One-Piece-Door at the push of a button. You don't even have to say anything!


Normstahl garage doors – the doors with the +

A One-Piece-Door – also called a tilt door – provides numerous benefits...


+ The surface of your garage One-Piece-Door is not only finished, but is also extremely easy to clean thanks to the smooth surface.

+ Real magnitude: tilt doors can be created with a maximum width of up to 3,000 mm as well as a maximum height of 2,250 mm.

+ The stainless steel floor rail is included as standard.

+ Normstahl One-Piece-Doors are of course also available in a manual or automatic version, in the same way as sectional doors.

Normstahl - It doesn't just sound like quality.

Energy-efficient building or renovation: Doors from Normstahl are all made of panels with a thickness of 42 mm. This is how we guarantee efficient insulation. That's easy on the environment as well as on your purse!

We know what we're selling you. That's why we offer a 10-year factory warranty on absolutely all door components, including wearing parts like rollers, springs, hinges and the door surface. You can rely on this!

*Details can be found in our warranty declaration.

Quality standard
Quality standard
We don't tolerate non-compliance. Normstahl garage doors already offer premium quality in serial production. With our name we vouch for this – and will continue to do so in future.
For 70 years Normstahl has stood for quality, sustainability, individuality, security, safety and reliability in relation to garage doors and operators. If you decide for a door from Normstahl, you're making the right choice!
Countless options for variation guarantee you'll find the very door for you! Choose your door according to your technical requirements and style preferences.
What's in your garage is often more valuable than you think. This is why we offer optional protection from burglary with the Normstahl Superior 42 and Normstahl Superior+ 42: SKG-certified burglar resistance complying with the Dutch standard NEN 5096.

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