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We provide a huge selection of modern garage doors.

Your garage houses valuables. As part of your home, it fulfils a purely protective function as well as aesthetic requirements. Whether you live in a cottage or townhouse, a half-timbered building or a farmhouse, a bungalow or a chalet: your house is stylish – and this can be impressively highlighted by the right garage door. Modern Normstahl garage doors by Entrematic ensure that your vehicle is parked in a fitting atmosphere that suits your preferences. From that perspective, a garage door is always a matter of taste and should be carefully aligned to the appearance of your home and your property.

The unity of appearance and function

Modern garage doors can have a strong visual impact, discreetly merge with the architecture or simply serve a functional purpose, which you can absolutely rely on. Regardless of the visual aspect, you will also require security, ease of use and convenient extras. That's why Normstahl garage doors not only provide a large selection of models, colours, finishes and individual design elements, which will cause a stir in your neighbourhood – their function is also state of the art and they impress with uncompromising burglary protection and ease of use. Design, technology and workmanship – our garage doors are not just internally sound, they are also elegant stylistic elements when viewed externally.


The following door types are available: 


Especially popular: Overhead Sectional Doors open vertically upwards and so save a great deal of space. This also gives you free rein in front of the garage. The optional burglary protection has made this type of modern garage door permanently unpopular with thieves. The variety of garage door models is also impressive, however.

The practical alternative: depending on the structural conditions, these doors create space above and allow immediate access to the garage when partially opened. Just as with the Overhead Sectional Door, the panels are exceptionally energy efficient and you can enjoy practically unlimited creativity when designing it.

The classic: The garage door which swings horizontally outwards looks elegant and ensures a grand entrance. But it is not only the visual design which is impressive; the cost-benefit ratio is also unrivalled. As with all Normstahl garage doors, the surface is already finished, therefore offering easy maintenance.

For special requirements: roller doors are used wherever specific space conditions require an individual solution. If required, the ceiling remains free and a low lintel height suddenly no longer stands in the way of a modern door: from a lintel height of just 254 mm, you can get things rolling.

The doors with the + provide you with other benefits:


+ Experience cannot be bought; you acquire it. We have gained it in 70 years as a European brand name. In conjunction with innovation, this expertise guarantees excellent quality for modern garage doors in the long term.

+ Powerful, ultra-quiet operators with all kinds of accessories ensure the garage door is modern. They also make life easier and ensure coming home is something to really look forward to. We will also give you a 5-year warranty on the operator mechanism and a 2-year warranty on the electronics.

+ A certified service and professional dealer network that is always optimally trained guarantees professional and reliable support. Men and women with a great deal of expertise will be on hand to help you. It is this service that is also part and parcel of modern garage doors!


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